Fitbit Alta HR Review

Fitbit Alta HR Review

Fitbit is a popular brand among fitness trackers, and their product lineup includes the Fitbit Alta HR which is an improved version of the original Alta model. It is a comfortable fitness wearable with a stylish design so you can use it even when you’re not working out.

It also includes an improved sleep-tracking feature and the addition of a heart rate monitor encouraging users to wear it 24/7.


  • New and improved design. One of the improvements that the company made to make the Alta HR look and feel different from the original is its slender frame. It’s thinner and instead of the snap closure, the new band is made with flexible elastomer with a semi-flexible buckle. This new design ensures that you get a snug fit for more accurate heart rate monitoring.
  • A small touchscreen will let you cycle through the menu with a single tap. When the device is asleep, double tapping the screen will wake it up.
  • PurePulse Heart Rate. The addition of a heart rate monitoring sensor is what sets the Alta HR apart from the original Alta. Users can use the heart rate zones to maximize each workout and avoid under- or overtraining. Additionally, calorie burn tracking is more accurately measured because the device relies on your heart rate for the whole day when computing the number of calories burned.
  • Auto Exercise Recognition. Also known as the SmartTrack feature, this technology enables the device to detect workouts such as running, biking, etc. and automatically records data to your dashboard. Other kinds of information that are automatically recorded include distance travelled, duration and calories burned.
  • Sleep Tracking with Sleep Stages. This new addition enables the device to track what stage you are of sleep you are in (Light, Deep or REM). This information is based on your heart rate while sleeping.
  • Wireless syncing. Connect with a multitude of apps from Android to iOS applications and monitor detailed info on your progress using your smartphone. You can also download the Fitbit app where you can manually log information such as water intake, caloric intake, and more.
  • Silent alarm. Wake up gently to a gentle buzz on your wrist when you use Fitbit’s silent alarm feature. You get three vibrations from the device to wake you up before it snoozes. This is a nice feature if you hate waking up with an alarm clock’s blaring beep or don’t want to disturb your significant other.


  • The adjustable band has a snug fit when worn properly which gives the Alta HR accuracy in producing heart rate results.
  • It has interchangeable bands with different textures and styles to choose from.
  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • Includes a heart rate monitor and sleep stage tracking
  • Water-resistant
  • Auto-recognition and logging of activities is a great feature especially if you tend to forget small details.
  • Good battery life


  • Expensive
  • It does not feature a GPS connection
  • The intensity of the silent arm cannot be cranked up so it’s very easy to ignore the buzzing on your wrist and sleep through the alarm.


The Fitbit Alta HR has added some great improvements to the original version. It’s still quite expensive though, but having a heart rate monitor in such a slim and stylish frame is a plus.


One similar fitness tracker is the Fitbit Charge 2, which offers some of the features found in the Alta HR. It effectively monitors your daily activities and records the steps you’ve taken, how much distance you’ve covered and the calories burned. Keeping you active throughout the day is the main goal of this fitness tracker.

By default, you are encouraged to take 10,000 steps a day and when you reach the goal your device is programmed to celebrate. If not, it resets every midnight.

To help you achieve the 10,000 steps, the device features a “Reminders to Move” feature that encourages you to take about 250 steps every hour. All activities are automatically recorded and can be viewed at the end of the day.

It also supports GPS connection via your smartphone. What’s unique about this fitness tracker is its Relax feature which guides you in performing a guided breathing session. Sessions are highly personalized since the device relies on your heart rate. You also have the option to choose between 2-minute and 5-minute sessions.

Another popular heart rate monitor is the Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker. Unlike the wrist-based heart rate monitoring offered by the Alta HR, this heart rate monitor requires you to strap it onto your chest.

Your heart rate is accurately measured based on the heart’s electrical activity like how an electrocardiogram (ECG) measures your heart rate. Connectivity between devices is possible through Bluetooth technology and GymLink. GymLink is present in some Polar products and enables the heart rate monitor to connect with a device underwater.

You can use the device with other fitness apps or you can use the Polar Beat app which focuses on running but allows customization to fit your requirements.


If you have the budget, the Fitbit Alta HR is the best option when it comes to functionality and design. With interchangeable bands you can wear it casually or use it as an accessory while having your daily activities recorded. It is also waterproof and has the additional Guided Breathing feature which is great if you are into meditating.