Heart Rate Monitor Brands

Heart Rate Monitor Brands

The addition of a heart rate monitor on most fitness trackers is a huge advancement that separates wrist heart rate monitors from basic pedometers.

Monitoring one’s heart rate is not only useful for medical reasons—serious athletes and people aiming for specific goals in their exercise routines can use this data in conjunction with their workout.

Wrist heart rate monitors measure your heart rate by using optical technology that shines bright LED lights through the skin and records the amount of light that gets reflected. Since light is absorbed by the blood, sensors look out for variations in light and processes the data collected with the help of algorithms to determine your pulse rate.

Because wrist heart rate monitors have become a growing trend, many products from different brands have surfaced offering models with basic to advanced features that users will surely find attractive and useful.

Below are heart rate monitor brands that you may want to check out. Some of them are established and have been around for quite some time while others are noteworthy newcomers.


This is a popular brand among fitness trackers because of their functional and stylish products. They make activity trackers and wireless-enabled wearable technology that can measure your steps, quality of sleep, personal metrics and other fitness data.

Some models are also able to monitor heart rate using wrist-based heart rate monitoring using optical sensor technology.

Fitbit trackers are used by fitness enthusiasts who rely on monitoring their heart rate to maximize their exercises. Studies have shown that this method of combining the two is an effective way to achieve fitness goals.

Fitbit also offers the Fitbit app which can be downloaded and used across devices if you want to get a detailed look at your daily activities.


Another popular name among heart rate monitors, Polar is known globally for the durability and accuracy of their products’ performance. They offer a wide range of products like GPS-enabled bike computers, performance sports watches, fitness and performance trackers and more.

Polar produce products that can cater to different types of activities from monitoring your daily activities to swimming or tracking your calorie consumption.

Their products are easy to use, reliable and have sleek designs. They also offer products for professional use (i.e. athletes). These products are designed to provide precise measurements and results and have always remained at the forefront when it comes to precision training technology.


To encourage users to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, Garmin provides wearable technology that collects information about your daily activities, your heart rate, etc. These products are not intended for medical use but may be used to maximize the benefits of your workout routines.

Garmin wearables use optical wrist heart rate to provide an estimate of your actual heart rate at any given time. Their wearables can be worn 24/7 and if worn during an activity, the heart rate estimation provided offers the user a heart rate reading for that particular activity.

Some of their products can be used while swimming but most of them are not recommended to be used for heart rate monitoring while swimming.


Mio’s heart rate monitors offer a unique method of measuring your fitness. They use PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) which is more than tracking your steps.

Using PAI lets the device analyze your movements whether you’re gardening, doing yoga, running, etc. By tracking your heart rate for each activity, you get to see which activities require your heart to work hard, so you’ll know which of your activities are actually working to keep you fit.

The PAI score will motivate you to strive harder and work with one goal in mind and that is to keep it above 100 over a span of 7 days. The 7-day rolling window allows users to work hard on some days and less on others but still stay healthy. Because this is a highly personalized score, you will know which activities you need to do more of or with more intensity.


This brand, which is known for its electronics, also makes accurate heart rate monitors. The S-Health system combines the S Band, the HRM band and the Body Scale so you can use your smartphone as an all-in-one healthcare base.

When your smartphone is paired with Samsung’s heart rate monitoring devices, you can get a clear picture of your activities and how they affect your heart rate.